Expertise for a more humane world.

A female-founded consultancy in Brussels, Belgium dedicated to assisting organizations advance the interests of animals in European law and policy.

The only consultancy in Brussels to assist private actors and public administrations in achieving better treatment for animals.

At Animal Law Europe, we are diligent in our quest to advance the treatment of non-human animals in European laws and policies. Our mission is to guide all parties involved in rule-making that affects the treatment of animals, such as legislation and regulations, private standards, or non-written common industry practices.

Our expertise focuses non-human animals used for all types of exploitative purposes: food and fiber, entertainment, scientific, and companionship, as well as wild animals, which are increasingly harvested as commodities.

Our field of practice is the European jurisdictions, mainly the European Union and its Member States, as well as non-EU Member States such as the UK and the US.

Our work is driven by values of non-violence, and the alleviation of suffering and exploitation. We also support and promote the development of animal law as an autonomous discipline, which places non-human animals as sentient beings at its core.


Legal Expertise

You would like to change laws in the interest of animals but are unsure where to begin.

We help you map relevant laws and regulations, and assist with new legislative drafting to help you achieve your goals.

Public Affairs

You would like to initiate legislative reform but need guidance on how to achieve your goal.

We help you identify relevant stakeholders in public administrations and the private sector. We formulate strategies to influence rule-making.


You would like to bolster your knowledge in European animal law and policy.

We offer custom-made continuing education comparable to that of prestigious universities, so you can gain in efficiency and autonomy.


You are a public affairs professional and would like updates on EU animal law and policy.

We monitor, select, and communicate the most relevant EU developments for professionals looking to influence animal law and policy. 

🐭 ICYMI A new European Citizens' Initiative has been registered by animal advocacy groups including @PETADeutschland calling "on the European Commission to protect and strengthen the cosmetics #AnimalTesting ban."
More info ⤵︎

📢 Public Consultation – EU School Scheme for #Milk

💬 We ask the Commission to better assess the detrimental impacts of this program on the economy, the environment, inequalities, as well as on the protection of fundamental rights ⤵︎

I have a new @aeonmag essay on insect welfare (with Jason Schukraft from @RethinkPriors) out today!

In short: Insects might be sentient, and we should treat them with compassion in case they are.

Please read, comment, and share if you like!

🇪🇺 A Bruxelles aujourd’hui pour porter la fin de l’élimination des poussins mâles à l’échelle européenne

La France et l’Allemagne sont à l’initiative d’une dynamique européenne qui est en train de se créer. Plusieurs pays ont déjà apporté leur soutien pour avancer rapidement.

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