Conference's poster with a drawing representing the allegory of justice, with illustrations about agriculture. Logo: "Wageningen University & Research" Text: Conference May 25 and 26, 2023: The Future of Food Law: open for registration now!

Future of Food Conference

Alice Di Concetto will present on the topic of “Animals in the Future of EU Food Law” at the annual Future of Food Law Conference organized by Wageningen Research & University, in Wageningen (Netherlands), on May 26th.

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Three newly-hatched chicks standing next to two eggs

Special Event – Chick and Duckling Killing: Achieving an EU-Wide Prohibition

Together with L214, the European Institute for Animal Law & Policy organized an event on January 10th, in the European Parliament, to raise awareness on the practice of male chick and female duckling killing in the egg and foie gras industries and to call for an EU-wide prohibition of such a practice.

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Launch event poster for the Coller Animal Law Forum

Coller Animal Law Forum Launch Event

The European Institute for Animal Law & Policy collaborated with the Jeremy Coller Foundation to build Coller Animal Law Forum, which launched on October 14th. The Coller Animal Law an interactive database that collates and analyses various laws and policies that impact farmed animals.

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Afa Talks to... Alice Di Concetto Poster

Advocates for Animals Talks to…

Alice Di Concetto presented the European Institute for Animal Law & Policy to Advocates for Animals, a London-based animal law firm.

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four person panel in front of a crowd

The Future of Animal Rights – Reflections from the University

Alice Di Concetto was invited to speak on a panel moderated by the Spanish Minister of the Universities to discuss the contribution of animal law and animal law education to the shaping of a more humane European Union. The event is in person in Barcelona, with livestream, free, open to the public, in Spanish and English

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beans and lentils in a glass container

2021 Rethinking Protein Conference

Alice Di Concetto was invited to present the Coller Animal Law Forum project at the 2021 Rethinking Conference.

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