Ukrainian man seating in a bus holding his cat

2022 Spring Newsletter

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780 520 Alice DiConcetto

2021 Fall Newsletter

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889 602 Alice DiConcetto

2021 Summer Newsletter

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1920 1280 Alice DiConcetto

Notes de Recherche

Research Note #1

How to: Submit Feedback to an EU Public Consultation

in collaboration with The Good Lobby

How to submit feedback to an EU public consultation - cover of the manual

Research Note #2

Food labeling and Animal Welfare

man wearing a sweater with pigs picking up meat at the supermarket

Research Note #3

Animals in the EU Agricultural Policy

Artwork by Daniel Szalai with chickens

Research Note #4

Regulating the Use of Antibiotics in EU Animal Agriculture

In collaboration with the Jeremy Coller Foundation.

Stefano Belacchi / Essere Animali / We Animals Media, Italy, 2015


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