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Our 2022 Annual Report is Out!

Our 2022 annual report is out now! This report includes a recap of our newsletters, media appearances, and our plans for the upcoming year. As we reflect upon our first year, and look forward to the next, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all our clients, donors, subscribers, and friends for your continued interest and support.

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Day old female chicks wait to be vaccinated before being shipped to a poultry farm for the next phase of production.

White Paper – Chick and Duckling Killing: Achieving an EU-Wide Prohibition

Every year, 330 million day-old chicks are killed in the EU. Yet, solutions exist to the systematic killing of day-old poultry animals. Read our latest White Paper, published in collaboration with L214, to find out about solutions to achieve a prohibition on the killing of chicks in EU law.

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Baby chickens in an infoor farm gathered around a feeder

The Unjustified Mass Killing of Baby Chicks Must End

Alice Di Concetto, Brigitte Gothière (L214), Olga Kikou (CIWF EU), Jo Swabe (HSI/Europe), Joe Moran (Four Paws), and Alina Puiu (F.R.E.E.) published an op-ed in the Brussels Times. In it, they call for the end of the systematic killing of chicks and ducklings in EU law.

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Three newly-hatched chicks standing next to two eggs

Special Event – Chick and Duckling Killing: Achieving an EU-Wide Prohibition

Together with L214, the European Institute for Animal Law & Policy organized an event on January 10th, in the European Parliament, to raise awareness on the practice of male chick and female duckling killing in the egg and foie gras industries and to call for an EU-wide prohibition of such a practice.

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Group of people standing in front of an aquairum

Is it Time to Stop Keeping Animals in Captivity?

Alice Di Concetto was quoted in an op-ed by Christopher McJetters published in Euronews. “Alice Di Concetto is a legal adviser at the European Institute for Animal Law & Policy. She says that legislation for protecting these animals is paper thin, literally.”

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An image of two stunning blue parrots standing on a branch.

The Fall Edition of the Newsletter is Out!

Welcome to our seventh quarterly newsletter!

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blue perroquet of the hyacinth macaw breed

EU Court of Justice Restricts the Trade of Wild Animals Originating from Illegal Imports

On 8 September 2022, the Court of Justice sided with the Czech Ministry of the Environment in deciding that an exotic animal breeder did not have the right to trade parrots who were the second-generation offspring of illegally imported birds. Read an analysis of this historic ruling by the Court of Justice of the EU concerning the protection of wild animals (C-659/20 (Perroquets Ara hyacinthe)) in EU Law Live.

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Switzerland Could Be the First Country to Ban Factory Farming – Time Magazine

The Institute was quoted in Time Magazine: “In fact, notes Alice Di Concetto, founder of the European Institute for Animal Law and Policy, the European Commission is taking the opportunity of the cage proposal “to revise all EU farm animal welfare legislation. So there are other measures that hopefully will be included,” like chick grinding — a common egg farm method for killing male chicks soon after they hatch — and new limitations on the transport of livestock to slaughter.”

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International Law and Its Effects on EU Farm Animal Welfare Legislation

Read Alice Di Concetto’s latest law review article, “International Law and Its Effects on EU Farm Animal Welfare Legislation,” in the Global Journal of Animal Law. In it, she looks at the influence of the Council of Europe’s conventions, WTO rules, and the Paris Agreement on the making of EU farm animal legislation.

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Our Upcoming Presentations (Summer and Fall 2022)

Find out about the presentations by the European Institute for Animal Law & Policy that will be delivered in the fall of 2022.

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