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EU-Mercosur Deal Killed Animal Welfare Law

The Institute’s Chief Legal Adviser, Alice Di Concetto, was quoted in this piece published in EU Observer about the revision of EU farm animal welfare laws.

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Wild fish caught in nets

Research Note – The Treatment of Wild-Caught Fish Under EU Law

This Research Note, co-authored by Alice Di Concetto and Pauline Koczorowski, provides an overview of the EU legislative acts relevant to the treatment of wild-caught fish. This Note further lists recent legislative and legal developments, as well as reform proposals to achieve a more humane treatment of aquatic animals living in the sea.

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Calf sitting in the tall grass

Bogus Agricultural Industry Research Threatens to Keep Animals Caged

Olga Kikou (CIWF EU) and Alice Di Concetto (The European Institute for Animal Law & Policy) published an op-ed in the Brussels Times. In it, they denounce the fact that the Big Agriculture lobby is banking on junk science to thwart progress.

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Picture of the Helsinki cathedral

2023 Helsinki Animal Law Center Conference

Alice Di Concetto presented on the topic of « Science-Based Animal Welfare Legislation » at the Helsinki Animal Law Center Conference, which took place on June 12th – 14th in Helsinki, Finland.

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Conference's poster with a drawing representing the allegory of justice, with illustrations about agriculture. Logo: "Wageningen University & Research" Text: Conference May 25 and 26, 2023: The Future of Food Law: open for registration now!

Future of Food Conference

Alice Di Concetto presented on the topic of « Animals in the Future of EU Food Law » at the annual Future of Food Law Conference organized by Wageningen Research & University, in Wageningen (Netherlands), on May 26th.

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European Journal of Consumer Law (front page)

EU Consumer Information as a Tool to Regulate the Treatment of Farm Animals

The Institute’s founder, Alice Di Concetto, co-authored a law review article with Prof. Aude-Solveig Epstein, entitled « EU Consumer Information as a Tool to Regulate the Treatment of Farm Animals: Potential and Limits. » The article was published in the European Journal of Consumer Law (2023/1).

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Two deer with a mountain in the background. One is looking at the camera while the other is looking at the mountain in the distance.

Our 2022 Annual Report is Out!

Our 2022 annual report is out now! This report includes a recap of our newsletters, media appearances, and our plans for the upcoming year. As we reflect upon our first year, and look forward to the next, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all our clients, donors, subscribers, and friends for your continued interest and support.

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books with eu logo

Farm Animal Welfare and Food Information for European Union Consumers

The Institute’s founder, Alice Di Concetto, published a law review article entitled « Farm Animal Welfare and Food Information for European Union Consumers: Harmonising the Regulatory Framework for More Policy Coherence » in the European Journal of Risk Regulation, 2023.

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Day old female chicks wait to be vaccinated before being shipped to a poultry farm for the next phase of production.

White Paper – Chick and Duckling Killing: Achieving an EU-Wide Prohibition

Every year, 330 million day-old chicks are killed in the EU. Yet, solutions exist to the systematic killing of day-old poultry animals. Read our latest White Paper, published in collaboration with L214, to find out about solutions to achieve a prohibition on the killing of chicks in EU law.

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Baby chickens in an infoor farm gathered around a feeder

The Unjustified Mass Killing of Baby Chicks Must End

Alice Di Concetto, Brigitte Gothière (L214), Olga Kikou (CIWF EU), Jo Swabe (HSI/Europe), Joe Moran (Four Paws), and Alina Puiu (F.R.E.E.) published an op-ed in the Brussels Times. In it, they call for the end of the systematic killing of chicks and ducklings in EU law.

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