Stefano Belacchi / Essere Animali / We Animals Media, Italy, 2015

The Winter Edition of the Newsletter is Out!

Welcome to our fourth quarterly newsletter! This quarter’s research note is about “Regulating the Use of Antibiotics in EU Animal Agriculture,” as the new regulatory framework on antimicrobials will enter into force on January 22, 2022. This research note is the result of a fruitful collaboration with The Jeremy Coller Foundation.

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Two sows looking at the camera

How ‘Landless’ Pig Farms Break Animal Welfare Rules and Get Away With It – Sentient Media

Alice Di Concetto was quoted in this article by Sophie Kevany. In this article, Alice explains the extent to which enforcement mechanisms of EU animal welfare rules under the form of reduced subsidies are largely ineffective.

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Group of young pigs kept indoor

30 Years After EU Pig Welfare Legislation, Will the EU Finally Step up to Protect Pigs? – The Brussels Times

Alice Di Concetto and Olga Kikou (CIWF EU) published an op-ed in the Brussels Times. In it, they call for an ambitious reform of EU animal welfare legislation for pigs.

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Coller foundation - ctrl al meat with logo of a cpw

5 Things to Know About Animal Law – Ctrl Alt Meat Podcast

Alice Di Concetto was invited to speak at the Ctrl Alt Meat Podcast to discuss the fundamentals of animal law.

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Female koala with her offspring

2021 Animal Law Conference

Alice Di Concetto spoke about animals in the European Green Deal at the 2021 Animal Conference. Read the abstract.

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Launch event poster for the Coller Animal Law Forum

Coller Animal Law Forum Launch Event

The European Institute for Animal Law & Policy collaborated with the Jeremy Coller Foundation to build Coller Animal Law Forum, which launched on October 14th. The Coller Animal Law an interactive database that collates and analyses various laws and policies that impact farmed animals.

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Afa Talks to... Alice Di Concetto Poster

Advocates for Animals Talks to…

Alice Di Concetto presented the European Institute for Animal Law & Policy to Advocates for Animals, a London-based animal law firm.

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Sleeping fox

The Fall Edition of the Newsletter is Out!

Welcome to our third quarterly newsletter! This quarter’s research note is on farm animal welfare measures in the EU Agricultural Policy.

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four person panel in front of a crowd

The Future of Animal Rights – Reflections from the University

Alice Di Concetto was invited to speak on a panel moderated by the Spanish Minister of the Universities to discuss the contribution of animal law and animal law education to the shaping of a more humane European Union. The event is in person in Barcelona, with livestream, free, open to the public, in Spanish and English

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