Who I am

I am a French and US-educated lawyer specializing in animal law.
Through a decade of research and professional practice, I have gained
considerable knowledge and experience in EU public affairs.

Alice Di Concetto presenting at the European Parliament in Strasbourg
Presentation on animals in the EU agricultural policy at the European Parliament in Strasbourg (2019)
Alice Di Concetto answering an interview during a documentary on animal law advocates in 2017
Interview for a documentary on animal law during the Animal Law Conference in Portland, Oregon, USA (2017)
Alice Di Concetto delivering a speech after receiving the French Animal Law Award at The Sorbonne in Paris (2018)
Acceptance speech for the Animal Law Prize from the French Foundation for Animal Law (LFDA) at The Sorbonne (2018)


I earned a master’s degree in Animal Law (LL.M, 2016) from Lewis & Clark Law School (Portland, OR), for which I obtained several scholarship grants, including a Fulbright grant. I passed the Paris bar exam in 2016.

I graduated from Sciences Po Law School in June 2015, where I specialized in economic law. I also have a dual Bachelor’s degree in political science and Latin-American studies (Sciences Po, 2012).

Over the course of my studies, I have had the opportunity to study in Brazil (UnB, Brasília, Faculdade de Direito) and in the U.S. (NYU Law, New York; Lewis & Clark Law School, Portland, OR).

I am fluent in French, English, Spanish, and Portuguese, and proficient in Italian.

Professional Experience

As a lobbyist at the EU federation of animal protection organizations in Brussels (Eurogroup for Animals), I achieved the inclusion of additional provisions in favor of farm animal welfare in the EU’s agricultural policy.

My efforts as an animal law specialist have also contributed to the creation of a European animal welfare label on animal source food products sold in the EU, as part of the EU Green Deal.

Prior to my arrival in Brussels, I completed a two-year appointment as a fellow in the Animal Law & Policy Program at Harvard Law School. My research at Harvard focused on the U.S. Farm Bill’s impacts on animal welfare, and I completed additional research on the legal status of animals in comparative constitutional law.

Teaching Appointments

Since 2021, I teach an animal ethics course at Sciences Po (College). The course specializes on animal experimentation and is co-taught with Pr. Michel Tarpin, a doctor in biology at the University of Reims.

Since 2018, I have been a Lecturer in animal law at the Sorbonne Law School’s Agricultural Law Program. The course I teach examines the treatment of farm animals in the law at the intersection of animal law, food law, European law, and trade law. The course is the first animal law course taught in any of France’s top law schools.

From 2017 to 2019, I supervised the the first ever animal law clinical project in France at Sciences Po Law School on consumer information on animal source food products sold in the EU. In 2019, this clinical project incorporated as a nonprofit called InfoTrack, which is dedicated to fighting humane-washing commercial speech.


My publication record includes several law review articles in legal journals, including the French Review of Animal Law and the International Economic Law Review. I am a regular contributor to the online journal of the French Foundation for Animal Law.

In 2021, I joined a team of French scholars who contribute to an innovative research project at the intersection of economic law and sustainability. My presence in this project brings an additional perspective – that animals have been a source of economic extraction – to the ways in which legal research traditionally approaches sustainability issues.


In 2021, I was appointed a Global Ambassador for Animal Law by Lewis & Clark Law School’s Center for Animal Law Studies.

In 2018, I received the Prize for Animal Law from the French Foundation for Animal Law, Ethics & Sciences.

In 2015-2016, I received a series of grant to allow me to pursue my studies in animal law at Lewis & Clark’s Center for Animal Law Studies, including a Fulbright grant, a grant from the Monahan Foundation, as well as an Ambassador Award from Lewis & Clark Law School

Pro Bono

Since 2020, I have been a member of the scientific committee of the French Foundation for Animal Law (Fondation Droit Animal, Ethique & Sciences). The Committee provides scientific expertise and strategic advice to the Foundation. As a member of this committee, in conjunction with other advocates and scholars, I have been contributing to an online “European Animal Law Code” – a compendium of all relevant EU laws and regulations for legal practitioners and advocates – the first to ever be published.

In 2019, I co-founded the French non-profit InfoTrack, whose goal is to fight deceptive commercial speech, with a focus on the fast emerging humane-washing claims on animal source food and fashion products in the EU.

In my practice at Animal Law Europe, I set aside a yearly quota of pro bono hours for nonprofit clients. If you are a nonprofit organization and would like to benefit from these pro bono hours, please get in touch so we can discuss your needs

Alice Di Concetto presenting about her journey into animal law and why the movement needs animal law specialists at Strathclyde University in Scotland in 2019
Panel presentation for “What Can Lawyers Do for Animals?” at Strathclyde University in Scotland (2019)
Alice Di Concetto holding a black lamb on a farm
Visit at the Stichting Melief animal sanctuary in Germany (2019)
Alice Di Concetto presenting at the 25th Anniversary Animal Law Conference
Animal Law Conference in Portand, OR, USA (2017)